Many women, who suffer from Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) or Sudden Urinary Incontinence (SUI), are looking for non-invasive treatments to cure their condition. The modern resolution that doctors have been proposing is for them to have Transvaginal Mesh implants. This is a small surgical procedure where they insert a woven fabric of surgical mesh and they implant it into the patient in hopes to reinforce the vaginal wall.

Unfortunately, many of those women who underwent to the procedure are no experiencing much larger problems that those that they sought out to treat in the first place. The FDA has issued a warning regarding Transvaginal Mesh and has also encouraged doctors and surgeons to encourage all other possible treatment options and to clearly inform patients of the many risks and potential dangers that surgical mesh can cause. Once mesh is implanted into the patient, the complications could be semi-permanent- removing all of the mesh may be impossible and it still could not resolve all the issues.


Many different companies produce Travsvaginal Mesh products including Bard, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, Mentor OB tape and American Medical Systems. Now that the many problems and patient complications are rising to the surface, these companies may now be liable for any damages or injuries that their product may have caused. Besides restitution for pain and suffering, loss of wages and medical expenses, these companies could also be responsible for paying for future surgeries to resolve the complications and any long-term quality of life difficulties.

Symptoms & Side Effects

Most women that had the surgical mesh implanted are now suffering with complications far worse than SUI or POP. The main side effects of the Transvaginal Mesh product have been reported as:

  • Kidney infection
  • Bladder/Urinary Tract infection
  • Blood infection
  • Vaginal Epithelium (erosion of the lining)
  • Internal bleeding
  • Vaginal pain
  • Breach/split of the bladder, blood vessels or the bowels
  • Worsened cases of POP or SUI

Hundreds of lawsuits are being filed against the drug companies who manufactured this product and caused such severe Transvaginal Mesh injuries. If you or someone you love is now suffering with complications from this procedure, then you need trustworthy legal guidance on how to file a vaginal mesh lawsuit against the responsible parties. Since so many cases have come to light, these class action lawsuit claims may be worth a large sum of money. Our Houston personal injury attorneys here at Mukerji Law Firm, LLP can protect your rights at trial and seek justice on your behalf. Our experienced trial lawyers enjoy representing the little guy while going after the big guy. If you have been injured as a result of Transvaginal Mesh, contact our Houston office as soon as possible and learn how much your claim could be worth.

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