ATVs allow people to access remote areas they might not otherwise be able to get to with other modes of transportation. They are sometimes used by farmers and ranch hands to get to their fields and livestock quickly, and those in the logging industry frequently use them as well. Riding an ATV is often performed for recreation, with a number of parks providing trails especially for that purpose. Regardless of the reason for riding them, ATV accidents can happen.

Causes of Injuries

Defective equipment is one of the leading causes of ATV accidents. Vehicles that are poorly designed may roll over, flip on end or throw riders off of them. The same can be said for vehicles that are properly designed but poorly maintained. Those who provide them for others to use are responsible to ensure that they are maintained properly, regardless of whether they are being used for commercial or recreational purposes.

Injuries sometimes occur whenever the right safety equipment is not worn or fails to function properly. Riders should always wear helmets and avoid loose-fitting clothing that might get caught in certain parts of the vehicle and cause an injury or malfunction.

Riders should also receive safety briefings before departing, to include an update on current weather conditions. They should also be made aware of any trail hazards so that they can take the necessary precautions once they depart.

Common Types of Injuries

ATV injuries can range from moderate to severe, with some of the more common ones being:

  • broken bones
  • head trauma
  • crushing
  • severed limbs
  • paralysis
  • death

Time is usually of the essence in any injury, and the fact that many ATV accidents happen in remote areas often makes it challenging to obtain medical attention. As a result, many people wind up suffering more than they should because they are unable to receive help in a timely fashion. When cell phone coverage is sparse, it can be a good idea for riders to carry a radio with them so that they can signal for help should they be unable to make a phone call.

Performing an Investigation

The first priority in an all-terrain vehicle accident should be to seek medical attention. After that, an investigation into the cause of the accident should be performed so that future incidents can be avoided. If negligence is discovered during the course of an investigation, legal action might be necessary in order for the injured party to fully recover damages.

Get Legal Help Today

If you have been injured by an All-Terrain Vehicle, then you are probably making some tough decisions such as how you will pay for all of your medical bills and how to live your life after your injuries. One of the best decisions you can make is to hire a skilled personal injury attorney. You can schedule a free case evaluation today by calling 713-222-1222.

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