Those who are both injured and undertaking legal action often hesitate when it comes to selecting the attorney that will represent them. This hesitation often arises because people know it is this one professional that can make the difference between a favorable verdict and one that leaves them more indebted than when the case began. While it’s almost impossible to fully assess an attorney before a case begins, there are a number of ways people can determine which attorney is best suited to represent them.

Communication Is Key

Injury cases are different from other legal actions in that the victim is often in need of a favorable verdict so they can maintain their lifestyle and pay their medical bills. This almost immediate necessity means that individuals like this often appreciate an attorney that contacts them regularly and lets them know how the case is proceeding. Ways to assess the value an attorney places on communication is to:

  • Call outside normal business hours, leave a message, and then see if the attorney or their representative promptly return the call the next day.
  • Submit documents about the case and see how long it takes before they’re reviewed.

Interpersonal Skills

An injured person may also desire an attorney that is able to be sympathetic to their condition and relay information about the case in an easily understandable manner. Just as with all people, attorneys are individuals and this means their attitudes and communication styles will vary considerably. The two most common approaches include:

  • Direct – This type of attorney likely won’t mince words and offer platitudes, but instead will focus on the facts of the case and making sure the victim wins.
  • Sympathetic – This type of attorney is equally as skilled as the first, but will generally take more time during appointments and try to relate to the clients troubles.

Skills and Experience

There are also individuals that care little about how the attorney is personally and put more emphasis on their record in the courtroom. Deciding what level of experience is preferred is solely up to the client, and there are two methods of reasoning that individuals often choose from.

  • New Lawyers – Those who select an attorney with this experience level often do so because they want to ensure their attorney is filled with enthusiasm and will tackle their case head-on.
  • Experienced Lawyers – This is often the choice people make when the stakes are too high to trust to an new and unknown attorney. Most injury victims make this choice because they know their case will be oversaw by years of legal experience.

Comfort Level

The most important aspect of selecting an injury attorney is for the victim to select someone they’re truly comfortable with. This not only makes meetings far more enjoyable, but often helps the client withstand the stresses that a court case can create.

Selecting Your Lawyer

Before selecting your lawyer, you should meet up with them one-on-one to make sure they represent a good match. Also it’s important to have your new attorney review your case to see if you should even go to court. Schedule your free case evaluation today by calling 713-222-1222.

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