In the area of Irving, just east of Dallas Texas, there has recently been a tragic charter bus collision. A bus from the Cardinal Coach line was driving down the North Texas Highway in the Dallas area on Thursday April 11, when it suddenly flipped over onto its side. The bus was in route to Oklahoma to visit a casino before the crash occurred. Witnesses report that the bus abruptly merged across the lanes of the highway before it collided with two concrete blockades and then tumbled over the center divider.

The charter bus was carrying around 45 passengers at the time of the collision and people were heard screaming and shouting in panic. There were two killed in the crash and more than 40 others were hospitalized for serious injuries, such as fractured bones. After the bus careened across the highway and toppled over, there was a massive emergency response and members of the rescue crews fought tirelessly to reach to the passengers inside the wreck. The injured passengers were then sent to three nearby hospitals including Baylor Medical Center, Las Colinas Medical Center and the Parkland Memorial Hospital. The passengers with very mild injuries were taken via Dallas Area Rapid Transit buses to seek medical attention.

Passenger Daniel Risik, age 73, was interviewed after the incident and he told the Dallas Morning News that, “People were piled on top of each other…. A lady had pinned me. Rescue got there and started pulling people out of a roof emergency hatch. People were hollering, screaming, there was blood all over the place. It was unbelievable.” Ladders were also used by emergency personnel to pull survivors out of the broken windows of the bus. Since the wreck occurred near highway interchange, traffic was backed up for several miles.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the Cardinal Coach bus company ,which has five running buses and seven licensed drivers, has no other reported crashes in the last two years that involved any passenger injuries or loss of life. The main offices for the Cardinal Coach Line are in Mansfield, Texas, just south of Dallas. When they were contacted about the accident, the employee on the phone said that he was not able to talk at the moment because he was gathering information about the Irving incident. The incident is still be investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board.

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