Back on August 8th of 2008, there was a fatal bus crash that took the lives of 17 passengers on board. The bus company, Angel Tours, was not formally indicted until May 30th of this year. The case was unsealed on Wednesday May 29th and then on Thursday the federal court formally indicted the bus company owner and one of his employees. The bus owner, De La Torre, was formally charged with one count of conspiracy, four counts of making false statements, and finally one count of operating commercial vehicles after being put out of service. Angel Tours was placed out of service because they received a poor safety rating and several safety violations from the FMCSA. One of the Angel Tours employees, Carlos Ortuno, was always arrested and charged with one count of conspiracy as well as two counts of making false statements. The two men that were indicted were both Houston residents.

Angel Tours was in business as a commercial motor vehicle company from 1994 to August of 2008 when the fatal bus accident happened. On August 8th, their bus happened to be carrying 55 Houston passengers and they were traveling to Carthage, MO. The bus never made it to its destination because it crashed on Highway 75, not far from Sherman. Seventeen passengers died as a result of the crash and 38 others sustained serious injuries. After an investigation was conducted by the FBI and the Department of Transportation, the federal court found out was that the FMSCA has put Angel Tours out of business weeks prior to the fatal accident because they failed their safety inspection. De La Torre still had his commercial buses running after the FMSCA told them to stop all transportation on June 23, 2008. Every count of conspiracy and false statements carries a five year prison sentence and a fine up to $250,000 if the two men are to be convicted. De La Torre could face further punishment including an additional year of imprisonment and a $25,000 fine for operating the business after he was put out of service.

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