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Have you or a loved one suffered injury due to the Mirena IUD? If so, we can help you. At Mukerji Law Firm, our defective products attorneys are well versed in handling claims involving the Mirena IUD. We have helped many individuals recover compensation for the pain, suffering and financial difficulties related to this device, and we are ready to fight for you too.

The Mirena IUD is an FDA-approved contraceptive device placed in a woman’s uterus by a qualified medical practitioner to prevent pregnancy. The device releases hormones when implanted, and claims to be 99% effective as a contraceptive.

There have been many women, however, who have sustained injuries with the Mirena IUD. Some of the more common problems have been perforations of the uterus, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, amenorrhea (condition of a woman having no periods when she should), cramping, infections, sporadic bleeding, infertility, complications from the surgical removal of the IUD, embedment (when Mirena attaches to the uterine wall and the possibly must be surgically removed), migration outside of the uterus, ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy that occurs in the fallopian tubes and not the uterus), and even wrongful death.

Mirena IUD Claims

These complications represent serious and often life-threatening injuries to women who are innocent consumers of this medical device. If this has happened to you, you may be able to receive compensation for your pain and suffering. No doubt you will have also incurred unexpected and possibly debilitating financial hardship as a result. We are compassionate advocates of women who have suffered needlessly with the Mirena IUD and aggressively pursue just compensation for our clients. We understand how the makers of this device may attempt to defend themselves and how to effectively challenge any such attempts. It does not matter if your case becomes one of the mass tort claims or it’s an individual lawsuit. Either way, our purpose is to bring about the maximum recovery possible for you. Contact us today for more information or to talk to one of our female attorneys. We are here to help.