Urgency of Hiring a Lawyer

When involved in an accident, many people will attempt to handle the claims process themselves without consulting with an attorney in Houston. It’s not until things get out of hand that they contact a lawyer for assistance. The urgency of hiring a lawyer is often overlooked, but is nonetheless important for a number of reasons.

Statute of Limitations

Accident victims should speak with an attorney shortly after an incident in order to ensure they meet the statute of limitations requirements for filing. Texas has strict requirements on when a suit must be brought, and the exact guidelines largely depend upon the nature of the case. Taking too long to file could bar one from ever obtaining recovery, which is why it is important to get legal help fast.


Loss of Evidence

Generally speaking, the “fresher” a case is, the easier it is to obtain evidence in Houston, Texas. Some reasons for this include:

  • Witnesses can forget important details over time, become unable to be located, or even die
  • Damage as a result of an accident may be repaired, thereby making it difficult to document
  • Records may become lost, or worse yet, intentionally destroyed so that evidence in them cannot be used in court

Put Texas Insurance Company on Notice

Perhaps the biggest reason to consult with an attorney quickly is because it puts the insurance company on notice that a claimant plans to assert his or her rights. As a result, the company will be less likely to stall or fraudulently deny a claim, since they know that legal action could result.