Premises Liability Lawyer in Houston


Injured on commercial, government, public or private property?

Improperly maintained or supervised property causes thousands of serious injuries every day. Loose handrails, poorly attached shelving, unguarded swimming pools — the list is endless. If you have been injured while on a property belonging to another party, contact a Houston personal injury attorney to ensure you do not lose your right to compensation for your injuries. Mukerji Law Firm has extensive trial experience and can be as aggressive as necessary to obtain a settlement or take your case to trial. Don’t accept a settlement offer before speaking to an experienced premises liability attorney. If you feel rushed into a decision by the responsible party, chances are your settlement can be potentially much higher than what is being offered. It costs you nothing to contact us for an initial consultation.


Need a Houston Premises Liability Lawyer?

In order to succeed in a premises liability case, we must show the cause of the injury, who is responsible, and then clearly show the extent of the losses incurred, both monetary and non-monetary. To determine the amount of the settlement you are entitled to, we will assess your medical costs, both immediate and ongoing, loss of wages, your increased cost of living as a result of your injury, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. For example, if you cannot drive due to the injury, this will require the services of a taxi service to take you to work (if you are able), to carry out your driving responsibilities to your family, such as driving the children to school, and to shop for food and other necessities.

There are different types of insurance covering liability claims. Commercial insurance coverage is different from personal homeowners insurance. There may be more than one party responsible, and this company or individual will be required to provide compensation as well. This requires adding more than one plaintiff to a claim.

Our attorneys know the complexities of premises liability law and know how to navigate through various aspects of an injury case. Our meticulous and focused preparation often results in a meaningful settlement for our clients. Contact us at your earliest convenience so we can begin to help you to pursue the compensation you deserve.