Houston Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Houston

Being injured in a motorcycle accident is often more devastating than any other type of vehicle related accident. The very fact that a motorcycle has little protection immediately makes any impact more serious. If you were injured when you were on a motorcycle, and another driver caused an accident, it’s important to contact a Houston personal injury lawyer at Mukerji Law Firm. We know what it takes to challenge an insurance company in order to receive full compensation for injuries.

It is not unusual for insurance companies to be biased against motorcycle drivers. While it is true that motorcycles, in general, may be harder for other drivers to see, automobile drivers still have an obligation to drive prudently and safely. This includes looking for, and being aware of other vehicles.

Common injuries for drivers of motorcycles sustained in an accident include brain trauma and spinal cord injuries. Broken bones, deep lacerations, and severe skin abrasions are also common. A minor injury to a person inside a car can be a lifetime debilitating injury to a person on a motorcycle. These catastrophic injuries can result in paralysis, permanent disability and disfigurement.

Motorcycle Accident Claims in Houston

You should not accept or sign any papers submitted to you from the other party’s insurance company before you talk with a motorcycle accident attorney in Houston. The insurance company, if their driver was at fault, will be attempting to settle your claim as quickly and at the least value possible. Without knowledgeable representation, you may not know if the settlement is fair or completely inadequate. Keep in mind that many injuries take a long time to heal, and the amount of subsequent medical treatments may not be fully known until some time has passed. If you agree to a settlement, you may find yourself burdened later with medical bills that you did not anticipate.

For skillful, effective and compassionate representation for your motorcycle accident claim, contact our firm. We can go over your specific circumstances and advise you on your best course of action.