Houston Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Have you been injured in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident?

Slip and fall or trip and fall are the biggest segment of premises liability injuries in the United States. The Center for Disease Control reported over 8 million people were treated for slip and fall in a recent year, and the statistics continue to rise. Mukerji Law Firm has handled countless of slip and fall cases over the years, and can offer you a candid and experienced assessment of your particular case and a successful strategy to get you a reasonable settlement.

Find a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Houston

To succeed in a slip and fall premises liability claim requires extensive knowledge of premises liability law as well as a firm grasp on the facts of the incident. Not all slip and fall claims are paid, as the insurance companies attempt to show that you were at fault and that you did not take proper precautions to avoid the hazard. In all but the most obvious cases, this is a defense that the property owner could attempt to use. We have extensive trial and settlement experience and this tactic is expected, and therefore no threat to a successful conclusion of your case. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure the floors, stairways and halls are safe to negotiate. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents are injured in falling accidents each year due to negligence of the facility. Wet floors, uneven surfaces, slippery or dangerous sidewalks are all part of life, but when these hazards are not resolved to protect pedestrians, accidents occur.

You don’t need to suffer a slip and fall accident and carry the burden of your medical and other costs alone. Contact us today so we can get your case started. Here is some important advice – don’t accept any settlement without first speaking to one of our Houston personal injury attorneys. Dealing with an insurance company without legal representation most often leads to a far lower settlement offer. When you have our firm on your side, the insurance company is far more likely to comply with a demand for settlement that is in the correct financial range. Contact us now.